Cléry-Saint-André (45)

At the border of Sologne and Val de Loire, on the left bank of the Loire River, the large village ofCléry Saint-André owes its fame to the Notre Dame (Our Lady) basilica, a magnificent example of theflamboyant gothic. Passing through Cléry on April 29th 1429 on her way to Orleans, all that Joan ofArc saw from the basilica was a ruin from which emerged the large square tower, the only survivorof the British massacre. After the siege of Orleans, she stopped again at Cléry on June 15th beforegoing to Meung where she took over the fortified bridge from the British.

In order to remember her passing through our commune, a statue of a shepherdess, holding a swordwas made last April and naturally placed in the basilica on the empty foot stand of the stained-glasswindow dedicated to Joan of Arc. The Joan of Arc courtyard (the town hall courtyard) and the towerwhich bears the same name are equally places that are so rich in history that they make Cléry aJoanic town.

Town Hall:

111 rue Maréchal Foch


Phone: +332.