Meung-sur-Loire (45)

After Joan of Arc delivered Orleans on May 8th 1429, the British concentrated their military troops inMeung-sur-Loire. On June 14th, after retrieving Jargeaux from the British troops, Joan of Arc said thissentence to the Duke of Alençon: “I want to go and see those at Meung tomorrow, after lunch.

”On June 15, on getting to the left bank of the Loire River through Cléry, she forcefully took overthe fortified bridge of Meung from the British, who were chased out of the city towards the northonce and for all. In 1929, in tribute to the deliverance of the city by Joan of Arc, A commemorativeplaque was affixed to the front of the "Relais Louis XI", not far from the former fortified bridge of thecity.

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