The association of Joanic cities was created in 1997 at the joint initiative of Daniel Coince (Mayor ofDomremy) and the city of Orleans.

An apolitical association, its aim is to promote and protect the image and faithful historical data onJoan of Arc while creating links between them and amplifying the exchanges between the differentadhering communes. Comprised of about twenty members, small communes and big cities have thesame amount of influence and enjoy the same status.

Its activities :

The association meets once a year for conventions organised in one of the “Joanic” cities. Itpublishes leaflets on the Joanic routes, created a website as well as anitinerant exposition presenting all the activities that are linked to Joan of Arc. The association isendowed with a sign of gratitude and was fully invested in the 600th anniversary of Joan’s birth.

The membership criteria :

To join the Association of Joanic Cities, it is necessary to meet two of the three criteria below and tobe sponsored by two founding members.

The criteria :

An event that is connected to Joan of Arc needs to have taken place in the commune.

The commune must continue to commemorate this event.

The commune must possess some Joanic remains.